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We are team of geeks and passionate people. Our goal is to empower and improve everyone’s life through IT. We help companies build great products to improve life quality towards 4IR (Industry 4.0)

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PT Mandatech Mataram Mukti

PT Mandatech Mataram Mukti was established in 10 August 2018. We focus on supporting company progressive innovation and creating quality and impactful applications. Our teams has strong background in Software Engineering as well as on academic research. We strongly believe that given enough time, every idea is doable, the limit is only our imagination.

Our Vision & Mision


Become a Leader in IT Innovation by developing and providing cutting-edge technologies


  1. Continuous learning and developing
  2. Continuous learning and developing
  3. Continuous learning and developing

Our Speciality

We Are Best At

Go Paperless

We develop Odoo-based Applications that can help you manage your organization better. Need website? No worries, we are also great at building fast website using ReactJS. Oh, you need Android app? We love mobile development as well.​

AI Supported System

Nowadays, you can find app developers almost everywhere. But, rarely that you will find developers that have strong AI background. We have tons of idea to integrate AI to empower your app and bring it to the whole new level. You will be amazed on how your app will be

Our Services

What We Offer

Ser 1

Product Caretaker

We do long term product development and maintenance. If you have long road map for your product(s), worries not. Just focus on the business part, and we do the technical for you.

Ser 2`

Project Finisher

Like a marathon finisher that run on certain target and finish it during the time set. We offer service to work on your project and ensure that everything is done within the time frame.

Ser 3

Geeks Provider

Need human resource, but does not want to go through talent hunting and hiring? Worries not. We provide hourly-based developers, testers, and project managers. Just pay for their actual time of works and get the results. Our strict monitoring system will ensure that our staffs are working as expected.

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